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Conceive Cushion Fertility Pillow As Seen On TV

Concieve Cushion is No longer available. Please see Our Sexual Aids Page for other offers.

This Limited Time Offer For the Conceive Cushion Fertility Pillow As Seen on TV is Not Available In Stores So Order Today!

Only $59.99 plus s&hThe Conceive Cushion™ is made of polyurethane foam, with a latex cover. Easy cleaning instructions: use soap and water. So small and light, 15”x15”x3” and 2 lbs., the pillow is easy to store and use.

Also Available:

The Love Cushion was created to enhance lovemaking by improving the angles and depth of penetrating and it really works! The Love Cushion is a sex pillow that has been ergonomically designed by gynecologists in Europe to allow Men to get a deeper and more sensual penetration and women get a more fulfilling and stimulating experience when using the specially designed Love Cushion.

The Conceive Cushion Fertility Pillow Recommended By Doctors Around the World to Help Increase The Chances of Pregnancy.

The Conceive Cushion™ fertility pillow was designed by gynecologists in Europe who have been researching ways to increase the chances of insemination for the past 25 years. With the pillow, the woman is able to rest comfortably with her pelvis raised, allowing the sperm to pool up against the cervix. By doing so, the chances of conceiving are greatly improved.  The Conceive Cushion™ forms to a woman’s body, letting her lay in comfort for the recommended twenty to thirty minutes, post intercourse, which it takes for the sperm to reach the fallopian tube.Doctors around the world have been stressing that women should be in this position to achieve pregnancy for decades. Gynecologists know that keeping hips upright after intercourse is the best proven way to conceive.
The Conceive Cushion™ helps you do just that, in comfort!


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